Event description
Welcome to Nazarbayev University! During the Orientation week you will become familiar with all the resources and procedures that are essential for your future success during your studies. Participation in the Orientation and signing the contract is a mandatory requirement to be enrolled to the University.
Follow the program, don’t miss sessions and constantly check your emails to stay tuned!

Orientation week starts from contract signing, which is a mandatory for all the enrolling students. Terms for provision of educational services are available here. Signing will be held online through the IDOCS.KZ portal. The portal requires Electronic Digital Signature (ЭЦП).
Welcome speech from the Acting President & Provost of Nazarbayev University - Mr. Ilesanmi Adesida.
Reasons to participate
During this event you will:
Meet our students, alumni, faculty
and staff members
Meet your future peers
Obtain all the information on resources and procedures
Learn how to register to the courses online
Learn how to use moodle platform
Learn how to use library resources
Orientation week dates:
  • August 4-6 - Dormitory check-in for new students and contract signing.
  • August 6 - Parents Day
  • August 7 - Start of Orientation for New Students
  • August 12 - End of Orientation for New Students
  • August 12 - Convocation
  • August 14 - First day of classes

All the details you can find in the Program

Should you have concerns about your attendance please contact your school:

Pre-orientation materials
Before the event we expect you to watch all the pre-orientation materials.
Pre-orientation Zoom meeting
Please watch the Pre-orientation Zoom meetings for Undergraduate and Graduate students. This session were designed to help you get a head start on your orientation and ask questions about the admission process.
NU Pre-Orientation meeting with Undergraduate students
Date: August 1, 2023
Time: 10:00

NU Pre-Orientation webinar for Graduate students
Date: August 1, 2023
Time: 14:00
Ата-аналарға хат
Бұл электронды хатты оқи отыра, сіздің денсаулығыңыз бен көңіл-күйіңіз жақсы деп үміттенеміз. Сіздің балаңыз жақында біздің университетке қабылдануына орай біз сізге және сіздің отбасыңызға құттықтаулар жолдаймыз. Біз сіздің балаңыз біздің белсенді студенттер қауымдастығына қосылғанына қуаныштымыз және олардың мұндағы академиялық сапары кең және өзгертерге толы болатынына сенеміз.
Letter to Parents
We hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits. We are writing to extend a warm welcome to you and your family as your child has been recently admitted to our university. We are delighted to have your child join our vibrant community of learners, and we believe that their academic journey here will be enriching and transformative.
Письмо для родителей
Мы надеемся, что это письмо застанет вас в добром здравии и приподнятом настроении. Мы пишем, чтобы тепло поприветствовать вас и вашу семью, так как ваш ребенок недавно был принят в наш университет. Мы рады, что ваш ребенок присоединился к нашему динамичному сообществу учащихся, и мы верим, что его академический путь здесь будет обогащенным и преобразующим.
Ата-аналар күні/ Parents Day/ День родителей
Күні/ Date/ Дата: 06.08.2023
Уақыты/ Time/ Время: 08.30 – 14.00
Өтетін орны/ Venue/ Место проведения:
Nazarbayev University
Сонымен қатар барлық маңызды ақпарат жиналған студенттік нұсқаулықты жүктеп алуға болады.
Also you can download the handbook on all the services with contact information.
Также вы можете скачать руководство студента по всей важной информацией.
Ата-аналарға арналған академиялық кітапша
Ата-аналарға арналған ақпараттық кітапша
Академическая брошюра для родителей
Информационная брошюра для родителей
Please choose the School you are enrolled in and the program will open. Also you can find the program in the nametags which will be provided during the Orientation week.
Undergraduate Programs by Schools
Graduate Programs by Schools
Sport events
There will be different sport events during the Orientation week.
You may participate in Yoga and Zumba with coach Luna every morning. Also, you are welcome to attend the Boxing Workshop with Master of Sports of Republic of Kazakhstan Olzhas Tortogulov on 8th of August at Sports Center. Other sport competitions available below, do not hesitate to sign up:
Futsal competition among the freshman students. 
Volleyball competitions for male and female students
Swimming relay race, 50 m * 4 freestyle
Small competitions
Small competitions in Skywalk Sprint, Tug of War, Arm wrestling and Table tennis
Useful materials
Here we have compiled the most useful links for your convenience
Student Handbook
2023-2024 Academic Year
Undergraduate Academic Handbook
2023-2024 Academic Year
Academic Calendars
2023-2024 Academic Year
– Please, read the information below if you are interested in campus accommodation options.
Nazarbayev University Repository
- is an institutional electronic archive for long term storage, accumulation and provision of long-term and reliable open access to scientific research results and intellectual products of the academic community of Nazarbayev University associated with them.
Writing Center
– Platform for students, which helps you to be a better writer, speaker and communicator.
– is an automated information system designed to automate the academic and internal processes of the University in terms of coordination, studying in the disciplines taught, registering all of their and academic disciplines throughout the training period.
– is a University electronic course management system (virtual learning environment). LMS Moodle is utilized by students and faculty in order to perform such tasks as an exchange of files, audio and video data, messaging, chat activities, forums, online quizzes, etc.
Corporate PCs
– all domain computers of the University;
 – provides access to the Nazarbayev University Library’s digital resources and services;
 – student portal, where students can pay the bills, request all the services;
 – student portal, where students can pay the bills, request all the services;
You can contact the IT Help Desk through the FreshService user portal. You may also call IT Helpdesk landline: +7 7172 706200  
We strive to build a thriving community where you can live, study, develop new ideas, grow personally and professionally, and enjoy life!
There are numerous inexpensive cafés, and canteens available on campus for different tastes.
Learn more about the campus and its infrastructure
International Students
Dear International Student,

Welcome to Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev University, and Orientation Week!

Arriving in a new country can result in both practical and personal issues. Especially arriving in a non-common destination for study purposes such as Kazakhstan. But you do not have to worry!
Once you have arrived, your perspective will totally change! You will learn to love this multinational country with diverse society, you will fall in love with the people and the hospitality, make life-lasting friendships, explore the beautiful landscapes, and learn about the rich history and millennial traditions of Kazakhstan!
Here-below you can find the list of the Departments, Offices, Schools you will meet during the Orientation Week:
Department of Student Services
Nazarbayev University Library
phone: +7 (7172) 70-62-55
Academic Advising Office
Instagram: @nu_aao 
Telegram: @nu_aao
Admissions Department
Office of the Registrar
Bursar’s Office
phone: +7 (7172) 70 66 20, 70 60 32, 70 91 99, 70 60 86, 70 90 27
Career and Advising Center
phone: +7(7172) 70 58 98
Instagram: @nu_cac
Office of International Students and Scholars Services
University Healthcare Department
Office of Enrollment Management 
Health and Wellness Center
Instagram: @nu_hwc
Youtube: NU Counseling
For more detailed information you can
use: portal-Counseling center

Department of Marketing and Media Outreach
Instagram: @nuedukz
Facebook: @nuedukz
VK: Nazarbayev University
LinkedIn: Nazarbayev University
YouTube: Nazarbayev University Official
Twitter: @NUedukz
Strategic Planning and Experience Sharing Department
Athletic Center
Campus Security Services
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